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Sealcoating Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Sealcoating preserves the asphalt surface, preventing far more expensive repairs down the road. It also beautifies your property with a glossy black finish.


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Asphalt is very susceptible to damage from the elements and cars that drive over it. Sealcoating provides an extra layer of protection to prolong the life of a pavement surface. The coating also fills in cracks and helps the underlying material last longer. The protective coating shields the paved area from UV rays and other harmful chemicals that degrade asphalt over time. The resulting protection reduces the risk of damage from heavy traffic and improves the aesthetic appearance of a parking lot or driveway.

The sealing process involves applying a thin layer of asphalt over the existing pavement surface. The coating is mixed with sand and fine particles to create a textured finish that helps seal the paved surface. It is then sprayed onto the surface by hand or spraying equipment. The contractor may use coal tar or an acrylic polymer mix to create the sealant. Coal tar is more effective than water-based acrylics. However, it contains volatile organic compounds, which are harmful to the environment and may contribute to contaminating soil and water. Water-based acrylics do not contain volatile organic compounds and are safer for the environment.

Sealcoating protects the underlying asphalt from damage caused by weather, oil spills, motor fuel leaks and other chemicals that can break down its structure. It also replaces fine particles that are lost from the asphalt surface due to oxidation, ensuring that the binder remains flexible and strong enough to support vehicular pressure. Without this protection, the deteriorated asphalt will lose its structural integrity and develop into unsightly potholes.

In addition to preventing potholes, sealcoating preserves the condition of an asphalt pavement, which saves money in the long run by reducing the need for costly repairs. In addition, the protective coating enhances the appearance of a parking lot or driveway and increases safety for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.

The application of sealcoating requires a good level of personal protective equipment (PPE). Workers should wear coveralls, face masks and safety glasses when working with the spraying machinery. They should also be aware of the risk of exposure to toxic fumes and particulates released during the spraying process.


In addition to making the asphalt look brand new, sealcoating also fills small cracks and prevents water penetration. This can help the pavement last much longer. However, you should be aware that the lifespan of a sealcoating job depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include the climate conditions, amount of traffic, and even the time of year. A good seal coating contractor will be able to tell you how long the job should last before it needs to be repeated.

Another factor that can affect the longevity of a sealcoating job is the type of binder used in the mix. The binder is the liquid component that binds all the other ingredients together and ensures proper consistency. It can be made from a variety of materials, including refined coal tar, petroleum, asphalt refinishing oil, and polymer resins. However, it’s important to choose a high-quality product for best results.

To extend the lifespan of a sealcoating, property owners should keep it clean and do regular maintenance. Proper cleaning and sweeping can remove dirt, oil, and other material that can erode the surface. They should also repair potholes and cracks promptly to prevent water from penetrating the base layers. It is also important to avoid using chemicals on the paved area.

Sealcoating is a great way to protect your asphalt surface, but it does not last forever. It is recommended that you get it resealed every 3-5 years. The cost of the service is minimal compared to the amount of money you can save by preventing costly repairs.

The process of applying a seal coat requires certain equipment and tools. For example, you will need a hot pour crack fill machine, brooms, blowers, and a spray system. These will allow you to perform the work faster and more efficiently. It is also important to have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job. This includes gloves, a face mask, and safety glasses.

The climate must be warm and dry for the job to be successful. If rain is forecast within 24 hours, workers should postpone the project until the weather clears up. Moreover, vehicles should not be driven on the pavement for at least 24 hours after application.


Sealcoating gives asphalt pavement a rich black, shiny appearance and provides an attractive curb appeal for visitors and tenants of your commercial facility. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, it also helps protect the underlying asphalt from oxidation, which is the leading cause of damage to the pavement. It is a proactive measure that minimizes the need for costly repairs and extends the life of your blacktop parking lot.

Before the application of any seal coat, it is important to ensure that the paved surface is clean and dry. Moisture can hinder the adherence of the asphalt coating, so it is essential to thoroughly wash the surface to remove any dirt, debris, or residual substances that may prevent proper adhesion. After washing, it is a good idea to repair any pre-existing cracks, potholes, or other structural defects in the paving material.

Aside from the aesthetics, a fresh coat of sealant can help improve the efficiency of your paving material. It will make the paved surface easier to clean and more durable, and it will also allow for quick maintenance work. As a result, it is recommended to apply a new layer of seal coat every three to five years to maintain the maximum lifespan of your parking lot.

The materials used in a sealcoat mixture typically include bituminous coal-based liquids, water, polymer additives, silica sand and other exclusive fillers. The exact formulation varies by manufacturer, but most contain ingredients that are not classified as toxic or harmful to humans and animals. However, some ingredients do contain a small amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are known to be carcinogenic to animals.

The most obvious benefit of sealcoating is its ability to enhance the aesthetics of your asphalt pavement. The smooth black application looks great, and it can complement other elements of your property, such as the landscaping and the color of your buildings. This is especially important for commercial facilities, where the paved area is often the first impression made by visitors or customers. It can give a great first impression for your business, and it will also increase the overall value of your commercial property.


Sealcoating is a great way to extend the lifespan of your blacktop. It prevents oxidation, stops weather damage and beautifies the pavement. It is an important part of your asphalt maintenance routine and can save you money on repairs. However, it is not a substitute for filling cracks and repairing damaged areas.

The cost of sealcoating varies according to the size and condition of the pavement, the amount of material required and the application method. The most popular technique is spray application, which uses a gas-powered compressor or large industrial pump. It can also be applied by hand using a brush and squeegee. It’s best to consult a professional about the right application method for your property.

A good sealcoating company will clean the surface before applying the sealant and will repair any cracks or crevices. They will also check for any moisture problems that may require a drainage system installation. It is important to do these steps before applying the sealcoat, so that your asphalt lasts as long as possible.

Sealcoating’s cost can vary from $2 to $4 per square foot. The price will increase if the paved area is heavily used and requires multiple coats of sealer. Some companies offer discounts for larger projects. It’s also worth comparing prices from different companies.

Some companies use a coal-tar product, which has been shown to cause pollution. Studies suggest that it contributes to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in waterways and creek beds. It is also known to be toxic to plants and animals, especially when ingested by birds or small mammals.

If you decide to do the work yourself, it is important to choose a high-quality product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid cheap products that might not hold up to the elements. Also, make sure to purchase the appropriate tools and supplies. In addition, you’ll need to know how to use them properly to prevent damaging the paving. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for a full-scale project again.

DIYing can save you money, but it’s not a good idea for people with limited experience. If you don’t know how to do it correctly, you’ll risk ruining your clothes and causing skin irritation. It is also not worth the hassle of re-doing the job as a result of trial and error.

How to Post on Instagram? Get More Coverage

If you haven’t learned yet, Instagram is the hottest platform right now when it comes to sharing your photos. With over 160 million users and a fan base that continues to grow, it’s easy to see why people are signing up with the social network. But with all the excitement, there are a lot of questions floating around, such as “How do I post on Instagram?” or “What types of photos will I be able to share?”

How to post on Instagram

There are actually two main ways to share photos on Instagram, through text and through videos by pros at In order to be able to text others on Instagram, you’ll need to have an account first. Then you simply use the share option on the top menu, by clicking send. You can then give someone permission to send you posts from your followers. They can do this one time, or they can add you as their friend and have you opt-in to their list so you get notified whenever they post new photos.

How about a video? Well, the same basic rule applies here – you’ll need an Instagram account first. Once you’ve done that, you go to the upload page, scroll down to the bottom and click on new, then upload your photos and videos. When you’re at the upload page, you can click share, or you can choose to save your posts to your account for future reference.

Now that you have an Instagram account, you can start posting. The key is to use photos and posts related to your niche. If your page is all about cats, don’t post cat photos. Your followers will quickly become bored with that, even if they were on your feed earlier. If your posts are all about cooking recipes, you can’t talk about your backyard during the summer without mentioning winter baking.

So how should you use photos and posts related to your niche? One way is to use a photo-sharing website that lets you post your photos directly from your phone. These services let people see what you’re doing and comment on them. The drawback is that the number of people viewing your content is small. It’s not likely that many people will be able to read your message – and who wants to read a long message full of keywords?

Another option is to use an Instagram group. Just as before, you’ll need an Instagram account to post to this group. Unlike groups that you join on Facebook, you won’t be able to comment on anyone’s post. However, you can still share your photos and stories. The only draw back is that you may only be able to reach a limited number of people by using this method.

You may also want to learn how to post on Instagram? If you’re trying to promote your business or website, then you can use the social media platform to announce special offers or new hires. For example, if you’re a graphic designer and you’re looking to hire artists, then you can use the page to post job listings. This is one of the best ways to get people to notice your page – without having to actually advertise your business in any noticeable way.

Finally, you can learn how to post on Instagram? The key to promoting your page is to keep it interesting. People will quickly grow bored with a page that looks the same every day. Make your page interesting by posting images that inspire or entertain, and comment on stories that are posted on your page real quickly – after all, those comments will help you climb higher on the social media platform.

Tree Removal in Arlington

tree removal arlington

Arlington, Texas certified arborists make certain that your property is safe during any tree removal. Whether it’s a dead tree, a large stump that’s been around for years, or an old tree that’s simply beginning to show signs of decay, the stump removal team can take care of it. In the event that you’ve been a victim of a tree falling, there are various types of services available that will help you deal with the problem.

If you’re not able to get rid of a tree by yourself, then the best course of action is to have it removed. If you have a large tree, such as a deciduous tree, you’ll need to have it removed on your own. However, if you don’t have this kind of tree then it can be dangerous to try to remove it on your own. This is especially true if there are other people near since there is nothing worse than having a tree fall on them and injuring themselves. You need to have someone remove a tree that has fallen on your property, but not on top of another person.

If you’re removing a tree on your own, then you’ll need to carefully remove all parts of the tree. You don’t want the tree to rot as this can damage your home, but you also don’t want to injure yourself. Once you’ve removed the entire tree, then you can get rid of the stump and the roots of the tree. There are a variety of methods for stump removal, including the use of a spade or a forklift. You should consider which method you prefer when using a stump grinder to remove the tree.

If you choose to use a tree grinder to remove your tree, then there are a few things that you need to know about the process before you start. The first thing that you need to know is that the stump is going to need to be dug up before any tree root removal can take place. The reason why you want to dig the stump up is to make sure that you don’t end up harming the tree by damaging the roots when the tree is being removed. The best way to do this is by setting the stump in a shallow hole and using a shovel or a spade to get the soil out. Once the soil is removed, you then need to cover the roots with soil.

When you’re dealing with the stump, you will find that you will have a number of tools that you will need to deal with, including a saw, a chain saw, a ladder, and a bucket. All of these tools will need to be used together so that you can make the stump more manageable.

After the stump is removed you will need to make sure that the tree is stabilized while it’s being removed. When working with a tree that’s broken down, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t fall onto someone or damage their property. This can be tricky, but it’s important to make certain that the tree is stable prior to doing any tree cutting.

Once the tree is removed, you will need to take care of any roots that might be left behind, and this is done by sealing up the root ball. Once the tree is secure you can then dig out the stump and remove it from your property. The tree root ball needs to be removed by a large spade. Once the root ball is removed, it is important that you make sure that the stump isn’t going to fall on someone, so you need to make certain you use the proper tools to remove the stump.

Tree removal is one of the most difficult things that you will have to face. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire someone to do it. Tree removal Arlington specialists will be able to remove any unwanted tree. Doing it by yourself can be tricky if you have never dealt with tree root removal, but by hiring a tree removal service, you can rest with ease.